Deep Hole Gun Drilling Job Work

Deep Hole Gun Drilling Job Work

What is Gun Drilling?

Gundrilling is a deep hole drilling process that uses a long, thin cutting tool to produce holes in metal at high depth-to-diameter ratios. Gun drilling is effective in diameters from 3 mm to 33 mm and total length of 2.5 meter. Deep Hole Gun Drilling Job Work are also provided in Riseom Tool Crafts Pvt. Ltd.

A gundrill tool differs from a conventional twist drill by its unique head geometry; a standard gundrill has a single effective cutting edge that removes chips as it advances into a metal workpiece.

The gundrilling process is able to drill deep holes beyond what is possible with conventional machinery and tooling such as twist drills, by using high pressure coolant for clean chip exhaust, even at extreme depths.

Optimal Specifications for Gun Drilling Process

Deep Hole Gun Drilling Job Work

Gun drilling is the ideal process for a range of deep hole drilled depths and diameters. Extremely deep holes and small diameter holes utilize gundrilling with specific equipment to maintain straightness and precision.

Gun Drilling Diameters
1 – 3 mmPossible with proper equipment
3 – 25 mmCommon
25 – 50 mmCommon
50 – 75 mmPossible, but less productive than BTA drilling
Gun Drilling D:d Ratios
5:1Common twist drills
10:1High performance twist drills with through-tool coolant
20:1Special deep hole drilling tools with through-tool coolant
100:1Gundrilling tools on dedicated gundrilling machine
200:1Gundrilling tools on high performance gundrilling machine
400:1Extreme drilling range, proprietary processes and equipment required
Gun Drilling D:d Ratios


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