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Riseom Institute of Practical Industrial Training: Empowering Individuals for Successful Careers

Riseom Institute of Practical Industrial Training offers a comprehensive range of courses designed to prepare individuals for successful careers in various industries. From VMC Operating and Programming to CNC Turning Operating and Programming, and from Tool Room Mould Assembly to Designing, our courses are tailored to provide hands-on training that equips students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their chosen fields.

Explore Our Hands-On Programs in VMC Operating

vmc operating and programming

Our VMC Operating and Programming Course is a rigorous program that covers all aspects of VMC operating and programming, including instrument training, operating training, and 3D CAM programming with Powermill. With a duration of 8 weeks, this course provides students with a deep understanding of VMC technology and the ability to apply that knowledge in practical situations.

Explore Our Hands-On Programs in CNC Operating

cnc turning job work

Our CNC Turning Operating Course is similarly structured, with instrument training, operating training, 2D programming, and 3D programming with Mastercam software. This course provides students with the expertise needed to operate and program CNC turning machines, as well as the ability to design and create 2D and 3D models.

Explore Our Hands-On Programs in Tool Room Mould Assembly

Our Tool Room Mould Assembly Training Course is a comprehensive program that includes instrument training, milling operating, EDM operating, surface grinding operating, cylindrical grinding operating, mould assembly, and mould analysis. This program is designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of tool room operations, including mould assembly and analysis, which is an essential skill for those working in the manufacturing industry.

Explore Our Hands-On Programs in Designing Course

Our Designing Course is a 6-month program that covers 2D drawing, product design, mould design, electrode design, electrode setter sheet design, and wire cut 2D design. With a focus on practical application, this course equips students with the skills they need to design and create products and moulds, as well as the ability to use wire cut 2D design software.

At Riseom Institute, we are committed to empowering individuals with practical skills and knowledge for successful careers. Our expert faculty and industry-focused training programs provide students with the tools they need to excel in their chosen fields and contribute to the growth of the industry.


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